Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Now Offering Awareness Through Movement Workshops and Classes with Israel Sostrin

Poised to Move:  
An Exploration of Posture & Action

Three 2 day Workshops! Fridays 6pm-9pm, Saturdays 10am-3pm
May 16 & 17
June 6 & 7
July 11 & 12
Six Optional Weekly Follow Up Classes will be offered: See Schedule Below

These workshops will offer a supportive & enjoyable atmosphere for learning how to cultivate personalized movement mastery. There will be a focus on enabling each participant to successfully develop their new-found skills & insights beyond the workshop. Bring your curiosity and wear comfortable layers of clothing you can easily move in.  Please note instructor's statement below.

These workshops are specially designed for:
1) Persons who enjoy learning
2)  Persons turned off by traditional exercise but who value personal fitness
3) Fitness Enthusiasts who love improving their movement quality
4) Persons who want to experience a more youthful, able body
5) Movement Professionals
*No experience necessary.
*CEU (Continuing Education Units) offered.

Upon completion you can expect to:
1) ... redefine posture as a dynamic organization versus a static position
2)  ... understand how your improved posture leads to greater ease, joy & confidence in everyday movements.
3) ... have new insight into perceptions of a limited body versus a capable body.  (Including redeeming the common scapegoats of: too stiff, too old, too much arthritis, too heavy, too weak, etc...)
4) ... be competent in using movement learning/practices for pain relief, promoting well being & performance enhancement.
Israel Sostrin is a licensed physical therapist, a certified Feldenkrais ® Practitioner and student of Spacial Dynamics ®. His work supports people in need of injury rehabilitation, performance enhancement, & pragmatic insights for personal growth. His highly personalized approach utilizes a gentle and insightful form of movement re-education to facilitate greater ease, self-confidence, & balance during everyday movements.

Instructors Statement: This series of workshops has been percolating for a number of years. The concepts & techniques that will be presented are a culmination of my steady private practice working with individuals as well as my deep roots in the Feldenkrais Method ® and my newer cultivation of Spacial Dynamics ®. I am very focused on providing an opportunity for each participant to not only be inspired by their new-found/developed abilities, but to have real competence in continuing a practice that can be done by anyone, no matter their lifestyle, busyness, financial means, or physical environment at home and work.

Class Location: Bothmer Hall
5915 SE Division Street
Portland, OR 97206

$125 per 2 day weekend course
$20 for weekly follow up classes
15% discount for those who register for a weekend and 2 follow up classes together

Call Wholeness In Motion at 503-231-3633 
Email to register

Upon registration, please notify us of any concerns you may have about your ability to participate. We will do our best to ensure your comfort & safety. All abilities will be able to participate.

Optional Weekly Follow Up Classes: These follow up classes are focused on providing an opportunity for each participant to develop competence in continuing a practice on their own terms.  These classes will allow you the opportunity to develop your home program by presenting some new material and providing time to explore the questions that arise from practice.

Follow Up Class Schedule:
May 23              Time: 5:30pm - 7pm
May 30              Time: 5:30pm- 7pm
June 19              Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
June 26              Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
July 17               Time: 6:30pm - 8pm
July 24               Time: 6:30pm -8pm

Bothmer Hall: Access to parking lot located in back of building
at the Division St.and 59th Ave intersection
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