Here are just a few of the many things our clients have to say about us:

“My experience at Wholeness in motion, compared to other PT/medicine clinics is quite profound. It is different in every positive beneficial way possible. Before, the PT I had felt and actually was flat; one dimensional. It felt more like an assembly line, one size fits all treatments and approaches. It was not tuned in to what my particular body was trying to communicate through it’s presentation to the PT of it’s pain. At Wholeness In Motion you will receive highly personalized treatment where there is a very sophisticated, intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, intuitive, and therefore customized approach. Israel Sostrin is a very gifted and talented healer, as is Susan Trancik with her complementary therapies. For whatever your body needs, Wholeness In Motion is the best you will receive.” ~ S.L.

"The surgeon gave me a new hip. Israel gave me a new body". ~J.F.

“A different perspective on life and wholeness- working with strength, capabilities, and no limitations”. ~C.S.

“Israel looks at the whole person and finds what Feldenkrais lessons helps best for that day. I recommend him very highly. I’ve tried many modalities to regain mobility and nothing has been as freeing as the work with Israel. I got a lot of help with my balance and walking due to the work with Israel.” ~L.B.

“More personal attention, seems like the practitioners are more familiar with my case each week.” ~D.N.

“Very effective approach. Feldenkrais is a very different but effective approach to physical therapy. I’ve found it to be very helpful in reducing pain.” ~Anonymous

“The healing I have received so far has been the most profound of my 17 year search….You have a keen intellect and the gift of being able to perceive deeply on multiple planes, emotional, energetic, physical.” ~ M.G.

“Through Israel’s guidance I have found an effortless whole-body feeling of being lifted, grounded, expanded and centered. What a gift!”   ~J.H. 

“I find myself continuing to explore, pay attention, experiment, discover- how I sit at my desk, how I walk, how I move just the way we do in class. I find myself open to doing things a little differently if it feels right...and I keep being surprised.” ~M.S.

“I am completely amazed. After 5 years of working (in the past) to address my physical structure, going to physical therapy and trying to consciously remember to “pull my shoulders back, sit upright, etc”, to have the change come not cognitively, but rather intuitively leaves me rather speechless.”
~ C.F.

“I really liked the idea that although one may be able to learn and perform the movement with ease, that, within itself, is not the point. The point is to be aware of how the movement exists in relation to every part of you, everything within you, and outside of you.” 

“If knowledge is power, then Israel is a very powerful healer indeed! Israel has a unique ability to communicate his knowledge through expressive words and directions that creates for his patients a truly profound learning experience on the way they move through everyday life.” 

“I’ll never forget my first session with you when I asked, “Is this physical therapy?”, and then proceeded down a path towards a whole new way of thinking and moving”. 


“As I was running this morning I was thinking about how thankful I am to have met you and worked with you. A couple days ago marked the 2 year anniversary of my bike accident...This past year I’ve run my first marathon...I’ve been pursuing the long distances and it has made me so fit.” 

“Working with you really changed my life. I have an awareness of my body and an understanding of its relationship to the mind that didn’t exist before, and it has had a tremendous impact in all areas of my life”. ~J.